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Brand protection for businesses with high demand for security, service & control.

Domäner & Varumärken

We are a comprehensive provider of brand protection services. Our staff has extensive experience with expertise in all areas. We specialize in helping companies and authorities manage & protect their intangible assets through a range of services, including centralization, monitoring & insurance. All assets are centralized in our management portal where you as a customer get a clear overview of your assets with the possibility of your own administration. Our goal is to deliver the industry's leading service where we are thoroughly familiar with our customers' assets and needs in order to both manage and discover new opportunities.


Domain management

Domain management

Hand in hand

Domain management is the process of registering, maintaining and organizing domain names. It includes tasks such as registering new domains, renewing existing domain names, updating contact information if needed, and managing DNS settings. It also includes management of subdomains (subdomains) and redirects. The purpose of a domain management partner is to ensure uptime, accessibility, security & clarity. 

A domain name directs users to a website, while a trademark  identifies and differentiates products & services. The two go hand in hand as a trademark owner usually wants to protect their trademark by registering domain names that match the trademark. This helps prevent others from using similar domain names to take advantage of the goodwill associated with the brand. Domain names that match your brand help prevent confusion and trademark infringement.

Safe technology

A secure Domain Name System (DNS) helps protect against various cyber threats. Prevents attacks such as DNS spoofing, cache poisoning and  DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that can overload and shut down a website or service by overwhelming it with traffic. A secure DNS is important for data privacy because it can encrypt DNS requests, which can prevent third parties from tracking and collecting browsing data.



Trademark registration

Markydot helps you perform a thorough trademark search before registering a trademark. It is important to find out whether other marks already in use, are considered confusingly similar to the proposed mark. The brand must be unique and not too similar to other brands already in use. In addition, the mark must clearly and accurately describe the products or services for which the registration requests so-called classification. 

Trademark management

Brand monitoring

At the most basic level, your brand assets are the most important property your business owns. The management of a specific company's trademark portfolio will differ depending on the company's needs, but mainly consists of pre-investigation, registration (if not registered), deadlines and enforcement of the trademarks against potential trademark infringements.

The purpose of trademark protection is to protect our customers' rights to their brand, prevent confusion in the market and inform about possible infringements orabuses. Our monitoringservice has global coverage and is a tool for us to help our customers detect and take action against potential breaches before they cause significant damage.

Webb & E-postsäkerhet

Web & Email Security

SSL Certificate

SSL is used to ensure that data sent between a web server and a browser is encrypted and secure. An SSL certificate is an electronic file that contains information about an organization. When a web server is configured with a valid SSL certificate, users can be confident that they are communicating with the correct web server and that their data is secure & protected.


DMARC protects against email-spoofing (phishing) by ensuring that e-mail sent from a specific domain really arrvies from the purported sender. The DMARC reporting system provides domain owners with reports on what email has been sent from their domain and how it has been handled by receiving email servers.

Verfied Mark Certificate

Verified Mark Certificate 

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is a new digital certificate that enables businesses to display a verified logo along with outgoing email. This increases the company's exposure via e-mail and provides greater security at the same time as the opening rate of e-mail is significantly increased.

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