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Domain management

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We package your domain management and centralize your assets in our management portal.
Let us take care of everything - transfer, registration, DNS management, renewals, monitoring and security solutions. As a customer of Markydot, you have your own Client Manager who is familiar with your needs and who helps you develop a strategy and solutions that will promote your online presence.

Company Client manager

We work proactively. All customers at Markydot get their own contact person who is familiar with your matters and needs. In this way, we can guarantee the absolute best service and ensure that your matters are dealt with promptly.

Automatic renewal

To prevent domain names from expiring and becoming available for registration by another party, automatic renewal is an important feature that automatically renews a domain name before it expires.

Local presence

This service, also called local presense, enables companies to register domains in countries with special requirements for local presence, such as the need for a registered company, local postal address, telephone number or contact person.

Anycast DNS is a technology that improves the availability and performance of DNS servers by distributing DNS requests to the DNS server closest to the user's location. More information.

Domain watch/monitor

Domain monitoring is a tool for monitoring the registration of domains containing company names or trademarks. This applies to all GTLDs, NGTLDs and CCTLDs.

Website takedown

Website takedown is a service that takes down or disables websites that violate legal or ethical guidelines.  It may include trademark infringement, fraud, phishing or malware distribution.


Our professional management portal for trademarks, SSL, domain & DNS management and associated monitoring services provide a centralized place for our customers to manage all intellectual properties.

Centralization or consolidation of domain names is when a system, a portal and a domain provider control all domains. A centralized domain portfolio has several advantages.

Premium DNS

Markydot's robust DNS is reliable and secure. This means that the system is designed to handle a high load of traffic and to protect against disruptions, downtime and attacks.

Registry lock

Registry lock is used to protect the most business-critical domains. Upon activation, specific security measures (ID verification) are required to unlock the domain and make changes. (Only .com, .se & .de)

Trademark Clearinghouse

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a service for trademark owners. It is a central database where trademark owners can register their brands to protect them in connection with the launch of new top-level domains (TLDs), such as .shop or .app.

Domain disputes

A domain dispute occurs when two or more parties claim the right to use a specific domain name. This can happen for various reasons, such as trademark infringement, cybersquatting or registration in bad faith.

A domain strategy can help your company strengthen its brand, improve your SEO and increase your online presence. We help you ensure that all important parameters that should be protected in a domain strategy are covered and follow a common thread. More information.

Global registration

Global registration enables Markydot to offer all top-level domains to our customers, from country-specific extensions such as .uk, .de or .cn. to all generic domains (GTLD & NGTLD).

DNSSEC prevents DNS spoofing and cache poisoning by digitally signing DNS records, which helps prevent attacks that can redirect users to fake websites or steal sensitive information.

More information.

Snapback / Backorders

The snapbackservice uses specialized software and servers to monitor expired domain names and attempt to register the specific domain via multiple applications at the exact time the domain is released. More information.

DPML & Adultblock

DPML (Domain Protected Marks List) and AdultBlock are two types of blocking services to protect businesses from cybersquatting and trademark infringement. eg: .adult and other NGTLDs.

Buying & selling domains

When buying or selling a domain, it is important to work with trusted parties and use reliable payment systems to ensure a safe and smooth transaction.

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