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Sustainability policy at Markydot AB

We at Markydot AB are dedicated to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner. For the benefit of future generations, we understand how important it is to protect the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is described in this policy, along with the actions we will take to reduce our impact on the environment.


Energy saving: We use energy-saving procedures in our work, such as energy-efficient equipment and lighting.


Waste reduction: To reduce the amount of waste we produce, we recycle and reuse materials whenever possible.


Sustainable procurement: We strive to purchase goods and services that are kind to the environment and we will push our suppliers and business partners to follow suit.


Transports that are sustainable: To reduce our carbon footprint, we promote taking the bus, carpooling and cycling.


Training for employees:Everyone at Markydot receives information about sustainability practices and we commit to putting these practices into practice at work. We collect information from Sweden's environmental goals.


Continuous improvement: To ensure that we meet our goals and are prepared for new environmental challenges, we will routinely review and update our sustainability policy.




All employees at Markydot AB are informed about our sustainability policy and it will also be posted on our website for public access. Our sustainability policy is applied to all aspects of our business operations. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we will set achievable goals and follow our development over time.


We at Markydot AB are dedicated to working in a sustainable way. We are committed to making efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our actions. We believe that by working together we can secure a more sustainable future for both our company and the planet.

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