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Backorders provide the opportunity to acquire expired domain names as soon as they become available for registration. The service uses specialized software and servers to register the specific domain through multiple applications exactly at the moment it is released. The service can never guarantee a successful registration of the domain name as there is fierce competition, but it represents a very good chance. This is a useful strategy for businesses looking to acquire valuable domain names that may have been abandoned or forgotten to renew by their previous owner. The domain names that are released can be popular general concepts within products and services (,,, but they can also be older company names and domains that have an SEO value and backlinks.


Domains can be redirected to the main site, which can help improve SEO rankings by consolidating traffic. Markydot also offers redirection with HTTPS://


If you wish to have your domain parked and private, you can use our parkingsite.


A microsite is a small website that is focused on a specific topic or product. Creating a microsite on a separate domain can help target specific keywords and phrases relevant to the topic, which can help improve SEO rankings.

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