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By working closely with our clients, we help tailor an effective domain strategy. It means choosing the right domain names and managing them effectively to build brand awareness, improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to the client's website, as well as protect their brand. Today, it is crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence to be competitive and reach their target audience. Our process for developing a domain strategy involves an in-depth analysis of the company's existing online presence, including its website, social media, and products & services. We also evaluate the company's target audience and the competition to better understand what it takes to build a successful domain strategy.

Brand protection

Registering domain names that are variations of a business name or trademark can prevent another party  register similar domains and use them in bad faith or mislead their customers.


An overview of redirects is critical to ensure that domains have the correct destination and that you get the broadest value from the domain portfolio.

Indexing benefits

Domain names can improve a company's indexing on search engines. Search engines use domain names as a ranking factor, a relevant and authoritative domain name can help a business rank higher in search results.

Domain watch/monitoring

Monitoring a company name or trademark in domain form keeps companies informed and can identify and address any unauthorized use.

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